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Registration Terms

1.) Respect your fellow members and staff.
Everyone has the right to join and participate in our discussions. This means that we will not accept any form of trolling, abuse or harassment. Attempting to conduct such acts will result in quick and swift punishment. Continued attempts will result in ban, without parole.

2.) Use spoilers or hide tags where necessary.
Please respect everyone's right to choose what they do and don't read. If you feel like something could be considered a spoiler but aren't entirely sure, play it safe and use it anyway! Please use spoilers for a minimum of one month before considering it open for discussion.

3.) No more than two accounts per household.
While some boards allow you to have more than one account per individual, we only allow one. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We also would like to limit the number of accounts per household to no more than two (if you need more, contact myself or another member of the staff team).

4.) Prohibited Content
You agree not to post any prohibited content. Below is a list of some, but not all, prohibited content: (If uncertain, contact me or another member of the staff team to double-check.)

  • Posting stolen material.
  • Posting pornographic images, links to pornographic images or anything that would be rated above PG-14.
  • Posting other people's personal information or somewhere that displays said information.
  • Posting links to torrent sites that allow the download of pirated material (music, movies, etc).

5.) Use common sense.
We know not everyone has this; but, we'd like to ask that you use what your momma gave you and think before you do, say or write. If you wouldn't want someone to say, do or write something to you, then don't do it to someone else. We're all here to enjoy the discussions of our favorite television shows and their characters, let's keep those annoying personal matters off-forum please and thanks!

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