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  1. Well, the benefit of having a diverse audience reading or participating is that we can all benefit from learning things we don't know.
  2. Sounds good, I'll be available to offer any assistance I can.
  3. It's an argument one of my old female friends made. She said and I quote or well, paraphrase, "I invited you to come out on this date, I'm responsible for paying. If you had invited me, I would have assumed you would pay. It was your idea = your expense." I've also always assumed that if the woman is suggesting splitting the bill, she's not interested in anything more than friends. Though, some do it because that's how they were raised.
  4. Yeah, we've been kind of ghost-like for a while now. I pop in from time to time to see if anyone joins or proposes an idea for a project. Welcome aboard! If you have any questions, concerns or comments, don't be afraid to shoot me a PM or hit me up on the Discord.
  5. But are they easily accessible for everyone?
  6. Interesting perspective. I agree. Though how would you feel if it seems like there's going to more dates in the future, should they all be 50/50 or split on who pays? I.e, man proposes date for bowling, he pays for bowling. Woman proposes date to go to an arcade, she pays for the entrance fee to the arcade but each are responsible for their own tokens/game funds.
  7. I believe some of them are still available on Netflix, though most have been switched to Disney+. You could propose a few other shows to watch and see how it goes?
  8. Halo S101, though I had to quit. Too many questionable decisions and failure to study the actual lore of the Halo universe.
  9. I actually started reading The Eye of the World recently and I can definitely concur. It's been a tough read to get going, the pace is hit or miss at times.
  10. Prometheus

    Ask Me!

    Self-publishing my novel on Amazon.
  11. Thanks, glad to hear you think so.
  12. Do you have any that you would prefer to read, as in a novel in particular?
  13. Prometheus

    Ask Me!

    Excellent question! I enjoy discussing movies, shows, books and the like and have had a lot of fun in the past when I've done group reads or watches with friends. I thought this would be a great way to expand on the concept and bring it to a larger audience, expose it to more people sort of thing and here we are.
  14. Welcome to the community @Fenrir!
  15. Welcome to the community!

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      Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement!

  16. Do you have any preferences on the genre or suggestions for sort of book?
  17. Hello guys, If you logged in today, you probably noticed that there's a new theme. I renewed my purchase on the Nexxe theme today because it has been updated to the newest version of IP. Board and I have to say it looks sexy!
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