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  2. Well, the benefit of having a diverse audience reading or participating is that we can all benefit from learning things we don't know.
  3. Sounds good, I'll be available to offer any assistance I can.
  4. Well I'll be here once an a while, I'll hit you up if I need anything.
  5. It really depends on the book, they are 1800s books, which will confuse people. But that's a great way to spread culture and learn about the 1800's. If your talking about finding them, they some of the most printed books in the world. They can be very easily found online (mind you they are public domain). There aduiobook versions of them, so that wouldn't be a problem. I know of at least a Oliver Twist and Les Miserable abridged books. I completely understand that you want to bring as many people into this, and while the books aren't the easiest to read, they are easy to find. And most of the difficulty would be pronouncing names and places.
  6. It's an argument one of my old female friends made. She said and I quote or well, paraphrase, "I invited you to come out on this date, I'm responsible for paying. If you had invited me, I would have assumed you would pay. It was your idea = your expense." I've also always assumed that if the woman is suggesting splitting the bill, she's not interested in anything more than friends. Though, some do it because that's how they were raised.
  7. I like your idea, never really thought of it. It would be fair, and could help make dates more interesting.
  8. Yeah, we've been kind of ghost-like for a while now. I pop in from time to time to see if anyone joins or proposes an idea for a project. Welcome aboard! If you have any questions, concerns or comments, don't be afraid to shoot me a PM or hit me up on the Discord.
  9. But are they easily accessible for everyone?
  10. Interesting perspective. I agree. Though how would you feel if it seems like there's going to more dates in the future, should they all be 50/50 or split on who pays? I.e, man proposes date for bowling, he pays for bowling. Woman proposes date to go to an arcade, she pays for the entrance fee to the arcade but each are responsible for their own tokens/game funds.
  11. I believe some of them are still available on Netflix, though most have been switched to Disney+. You could propose a few other shows to watch and see how it goes?
  12. Halo S101, though I had to quit. Too many questionable decisions and failure to study the actual lore of the Halo universe.
  13. I actually started reading The Eye of the World recently and I can definitely concur. It's been a tough read to get going, the pace is hit or miss at times.
  14. Prometheus

    Ask Me!

    Self-publishing my novel on Amazon.
  15. Thanks, glad to hear you think so.
  16. What are you most proud of?
  17. Forum looks great, it has a nice retro-tech feel to it. It's like a club.
  18. If your into hardcore fantasy, I would recommend The Wheel Of Time. It's difficult but rewarding to get though. If your more into Realism, I would recommend Les Misérables, it's a fantastic look into French society, and has one of the best main characters I have ever read. If you want a easier book to read I would recommend The Great Gatsby. It's a nice look into the roaring twenties.
  19. Daredevil S2, so far I'm enjoying it. The Punisher is a really well written character, (Spoiler below)
  20. I do have a idea of watching some Marvel shows like Daredevil or Agents Of Shield, I've been watching and reviewing them myself and would love to talk about them. But I just don't know the availability of the content to people here. Anyone here have access to it, and would like to do it?
  21. No, they shouldn't. For one thing it is unfair for a entire gender to have to pay for everything. That is not the equality we should be promoting. We should promote a 50/50 splitting of the bill as it is fair for everyone. We men are valid people, who deserve the same rights and validations as all other genders. We men are humans too, humans who do need money to feed, clothe, and place ourselves. While I do understand that dates are usually created by men, that doesn't mean that we should be treated as lesser, as we are equal to everyone else. It would be unfair to women to pay for all of the date, so why should men? It's more fair, less costly, and less stressful if both sides pay their equal share. Or we can just do dates that don't cost money, like hiking.
  22. I would recommend some classical stuff, like Victor Hugo or Charles Dickens. It would be realistic fiction, since they mainly wrote about the problems of the time. While they can be a pain to read if your not that into culture or history, I do know some abridged versions of these books.
  23. Hi, you can just call me Pin. I found this place off on ForumPromotion, I uh... see the place is empty. If anyone else is there I'd gladly helped out!
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