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  2. The official thread based discussion for the first three chapters.
  3. I'll try to keep the list up to date of where you can read this book: https://www.amazon.com/Kings-Ranger-Book-ebook/dp/B08BSWWVM5
  4. How is FIFA 22? Command & Conquer Red Alert
  5. Prometheus

    Ask Ash

    What sort of event would you like to take part in?
  6. FIFA 22 as part of the EA Access trial. It allows you to get quite a good head start before the game officially comes out.
  7. Ash

    Ask Ash

    In relation to this forum, I'm guessing? Looks pretty cool, I'm loving the dark theme so far. Looking forward to taking part properly at some point too.
  8. Plan is to stay away from it this year. I prefer modern settings for first person shooters so I will most likely get Battlefield 2042 instead.
  9. I don't envy you one bit. The temperature finally started dropping down here, allowing me to take a lovely, long walk along the beach this morning.
  10. Wow, yeah that sounds like it was rough! 😡 What time do you usually head to bed during the work week? I have my fitbit reminding me to start winding down at 10:30pm but usually don't make it to bed until 11pm.
  11. Way too hot. πŸ₯΅ I think it's supposed to be in triple digits the next couple days.. I'm so tired of it.
  12. I can't believe you left off Italian! 😜 That would be mine. πŸ₯°
  13. April


    Nope, don't have any. Needles and I don't mix, AT ALL. I don't mind tattoos, as long as it's not the type where every inch of the body is covered in them.
  14. Still lucky! πŸ˜‹ When I have to drive to the office, 4:30am is my usual wakeup time... πŸ˜’
  15. Belated good evening to you too! ☺️ Just 'watching' The Mosquito Coast here. Probably going to bed slightly early tonight, got a headache and I need to be up earlier tomorrow.
  16. Yes at times it happens, partially because Family doesnt always know the whole story or situation, but on the same token most have been down that path before, depends on the situation
  17. Who's your favorite character of the book?
  18. Feel free to use this thread to discuss anything about the project whilst waiting for the next week of reading.
  19. I know that feeling! I usually average around 6 hours, sometimes 8 during the work week. I try to push for more on my days off, try to find that sleeping in stage I've heard so much about. I had a semester like what you're describing. My final semester I think I lived on caffeine most of the days. I would have class from 11-6, eat dinner, manage a few hours of sleep and get up to go to work from 1-9 AM.
  20. I typically get around 4-6 hours, depending on the day, slightly more on the weekends. I rarely slept when I was in college, sometimes staying up all night just because I couldn't sleep and spent most of the nights wrapped up in Photoshop. I probably suffered from a little insomnia back then but never officially diagnosed or anything. Nowadays if I have trouble sleeping, I usually read or listen to music and that helps me.
  21. A link as well: https://www.amazon.com/Kings-Ranger-Book-ebook/dp/B08BSWWVM5
  22. How about The King's Ranger (The King's Ranger, Book #1) by AC Cobble? I believe it's available for free through the Prime Reading/Kindle. I'll double check to make sure. Here's the plot:
  23. Don't really have a preference ☺️
  24. Just wanted to let everyone know, guests especially, that you can find a link to our discord server through a redirect forum (visible after registration).
  25. I don't know about having better suggestions; but, I appreciate the thought! Depends, would you prefer it to be a physical, ebook or no preference?
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